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At RHSFIT, we believe people make the experience. We have a fantastic team to help you.

General Manager

Pro Trainer/Group Instructor

Group Instructor

“What stands out about Decker is that she makes working out fun and entertaining. She is reliable, hard working, loyal and dedicated which makes her a great trainer.

Her experience in this field is something that you can’t buy with a weekend certification. Experience only comes with years spent in this field. Her passion for helping people is what keeps her bring a trainer.” –Kim

“Decker was a leader, boss and fitness mentor in my first experience at the YMCA seven years ago. Her enthusiasm and genuine love of what she does is not only fun to be around but simply contagious. She’s got creative ways of presentation and a real, human approach to her skill, formats and idea sharing. Frankly, this lady rocks this industry.” –Sunny

“My experience with Decker was an instant love/hate relationship. Lol! She was so helpful to me on my first day of kickboxing. But once she got me ready to rock and roll, she kicked my butt with a hardcore session. It was GREAT! She pushed and motivated me throughout the entire class just as she did everyone else. She made me want to come back. I even attended her bootcamp, where again, she kicked my butt in the best way! She has an infectious personality that is genuine and caring. She will push you past doubt and fear that we put in our own minds. She is an AWESOME fitness trainer. So if you are looking for an amazing, motivating trainer, check out Decker! Tell her that her BFF (insider) sent you! 😉” –Tayna