Personal Training
Why should I hire a trainer?

Setting goals can be difficult, making a plan is a challenge and once those are in place, finding the motivation to come in and work out is hard! An RHSFit Trainer will help you set achievable goals. You will work with your trainer to create a plan of action and in your sessions, your trainer will do more than simply motivate you; he (or she) will continuously update your workout to meet your needs, encourage you when you want to give up and help keep you working towards your goals! A trainer can answer questions like, “how hard should I work out?”, “how often should I exercise?” and so forth!

What should I expect?

During your first session with an RHSFit Trainer, you will have a body & biomechanics (the way your body moves) assessment, set goals and a plan of action to achieve those goals! You should dress in loose comfortable clothing, you will be working out 😊

Should I exercise on my own in addition to my training sessions?

Absolutely! Using your MyZone Heart Rate system, your trainer will provide you with the workouts you will need to do on your own when you are not in session with them. This could be group classes, cardio, weight training or any combination of such activities!

I already workout, what can a Rockhopper Trainer do for me?

When you first started out, your goal may have been to loose 10 lbs, then as you progressed, your goal became wanting to run in a 5K and now you may want to enter into a physique competition. A trainer can create a program to get you to your new goal. A trainer can teach you how to do new moves, safely. At RHSFit we have trainers capable of working with novices and athletes alike!

If you are struggling to make it into the gym, finding it difficult to get results or simply want some help being successful, a trainer is the choice you should be making! Speak to any staff member or send us an email to get more information on training rates, scheduling, etc.