Membership: 24/7 Elite

You’ll receive:

• 24 hour access to the Gym
• Access to the Multi-training room
• Unlimited use of cardio equipment
• Unlimited use of weight equipment
• Unlimited use of strength training machines
• Real-time heart rate monitoring while you work out
• Group Exercise classes
• Small Group Classes
• Child Watch*
• Guest Privileges**
• Optional: Add Family members***
• Optional: Personal Training

MyZone® Physical Activity Belt
• Access key fob
• 1 Personal Training session

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* Child Watch – Ages 6 weeks and up, kids 13+ can take group classes (Just add them as a family member). Hours will be 8:45am-Noon & 4:30pm-8pm most days to accommodate our class schedule. If we see a need to extend/modify those times, we can.

** Guest Privileges – This entitles the member to bring a guest for a basic workout during staffed hours. Group Exercise, Small Group classes & Child Watch excluded.

*** Family Members – Can be added at the gym. Spouse (and/or child over 13). Children must live at home, those 18-22 years old must provide proof of full time student status. Children 13-15 are able to take group class with parent only, to use the full facility they must complete youth strength course. Each family member will be assessed a one time registration fee while also enjoying the full member benefits of an Elite Member account.