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Easy Fitness Habits

Hihi March is loads of fun in Houston, the rodeo is in full swing, the kids have spring break, the [...]

Get over January’s “resolution” and start moving!

January is over and so many people have already failed their resolution to get fit… WHY?? Because change is hard. [...]

Life Stress meet Yoga

Hi hi! Rockhopper Strong Fitness offers a wide variety of classes for you to relieve stress but Yoga  is the [...]

Setting goals

How do I even set a goal? Every day I speak to folks about setting goals, it is 100% a [...]

Need Motivation

Group classes that get you excited about working out. I know you are busy. Trying to find time to come [...]

Making Fitness a Dancing Good Time

Hi hi When I was 2, I am sure my mother had to force me to take a nap, now-a-days, [...]

What to eat for lunch

Hi hi! Time for real talk, I am not a chef, a foodie or a “brave eater” lol! I cook [...]

How to keep that Fitness Resolution!

Keeping your Fitness Resolutions! Many people start off the New Year with a goal to “join a gym and get [...]

Quick workouts for Christmas

With Christmas JUST around the corner, it becomes harder and harder to find time to get in a workout. The [...]

The final week’s push to open

Opening a gym is definitely in the top 5 hardest things yours truly has ever done. There are so many [...]

Members want to stay cool

Here at Rockhopper Strong Fitness we are committed to being your neighborhood gym. We are happy to see the large [...]

There’s no stopping us now

Since my last post, it's been crazy at the gym. Two different crews have been working with folks staying late [...]

Ticktock ticktock

Like many folks around Houston, this morning I woke up a little blurry eyed after staying up to watch the [...]

Bootcamps and Construction

This was a good week at the gym. Monday, we had a crew back onsite to resume construction. Monday evening [...]

December 2nd

What happened on December 2nd in history? According to Google and Wikipedia quite a bit! Charles Dickens gave his first [...]

Free BootCamp

What an exciting time we are having in Houston. Like most folks around here, we are getting back to normal! [...]

Why 10,000 steps

Getting your steps in Let’s take a minute and find out WHY you should aim for 10,000 steps a day! [...]

Bike reassembly starts

This week started with a trip to the powder coating shop to pickup a truck load of freshly coated bike [...]

Delays won’t stop us

Electricians reach a stopping point If you've driven by the gym this week, you might not have seen much going [...]

Knockout Harvey Stress

***Quick Gym Update*** The electricians turned on the lights and hooked up the HVAC this week. Waiting on landlord to [...]

The rain is gone

For folks living in southeast Texas, this has been one heck of a tough week. Many have lost their homes [...]

The race to beat Harvey

This week's blog post is late thanks to a Tropical Storm turned Hurricane called Harvey. The only Harvey I knew [...]

Progress on multiple fronts

Things are speeding up around the gym this week. Our gas meter was installed on Thursday. The electricians continue to [...]

Signs go up and member registration opens

This has been a busy week for the Rockhopper Strong team. Last weekend, I was surprised by a text message [...]

Cool air is just around the corner

Good Friday afternoon to you all! Construction progress marched on this week as the electricians continued to run wires throughout [...]


This was a big week of progress in the gym for sure! Monday started when the electricians showed up with [...]

A fresh look and walls!

Happy Friday to you all! Lots of stuff happened this week. We released the brighter, friendlier web site which includes [...]

And so it begins

Happy 4th of July! What's that you say? The 4th of July was almost 2 weeks ago? Well.... I'm running [...]

The stroke of a pen!

The stroke of a pen is a mighty thing, today we were able to put the construction process into motion [...]

Cycles cycles cycles!

We received a truck load (literally) of SPIN® bikes today. Oooops, pardon me, we received a truck load of indoor [...]

We have the permit!

Earlier this morning I received a text from the general contractor. Our building plans for the gym successfully made it [...]

Bringing in the Pros

Today, I met with our engineer to hash out a few things. It was more like hashing out lots of [...]

We are here!

Work has been underway to develop our logo and the signs for the building. As a start up company, there [...]

Only 5 months until we open!

It’s the first of May and the weather around here looks fantastic today! The old saying, “March winds bring April [...]

Let’s open a gym!

Let us start today, with the signing of the building lease! Last year we started seriously exploring the possibility of […]