Who are we?

Twenty-five plus years ago I started working in fitness and I INSTANTLY fell in love with it! Over the years, I witnessed gyms becoming a place to separate members from money, not a place to meet your new best friend, do health-ish things and develop a love of fitness! Trainers became rewarded for sales instead of training and Group Trainers/Instructors were treated like second hand citizens by the “bosses”, who were not much more than glorified “time-share” sales creeps. I had enough and I started talking to my husband about the idea of opening a “neighborhood gym”

A Rockhopper Penguin is one of the smallest penguins. They are different than other penguins: they live in New Zealand and literally “hop” up cliffs to mate with their loves and raise their families. They have strange feathers coming out of the sides of their heads and incredibly strong legs (to hop up cliffs).

Rockhopper Strong Fitness is a different kind of gym. Focused on the community and changing lives while having fun doing it! Many gyms in the industry focus on getting new members in the door then pushing personal training, supplements and meal plans. While this may be the way to generate extra income, it regularly gets in the way of actually helping the member reach their goals. Of course we have to pay bills (lights, air conditioning, rent, all the cool equipment and our stellar staff), but we want to focus more on the people in the gym and the community we are in. Like the Rockhopper Penguin, we are small, strong, brave and honorable.

Our staff isn’t paid by commission but rather for the work they do. In this way we break the traditional mold of how gyms operate today. We also don’t believe in year long contracts. When a person starts to see the results from their workouts they will keep coming back for more. That’s how we’ll keep our members rather than by some contract that committed them for a year or more, draining money that you might need for something else!

I look forward to meeting you, and making you sweat, laugh, be glad it’s done and then come back for more!


Sometimes I think I should have been born in the forties so that I could have grown up in a time where people actually cared about SERVICE. Of course my peers would disagree, how would I ever live without my electronic devices and the relentless virtual cord to the world wide web?

In today’s world, it seems customer service is the last thing on the mind of most businesses. It’s hard for the accounting folks to quantify it. Instead, focus is placed on letting customers help themselves. That’s great sometimes, but how about those times when you want to talk to a person but can’t. For instance, you call your credit card company and their automated computer person wants to give you your account balance, help you pay your bill, report a lost card and so on, yet talking to a live person isn’t on the menu. That’s crazy.

I consider myself a serial entrepreneur who finds ways to offer services to customers in the way I’d like to receive them myself. Provide people with a reliable service and friendly customer support and they’ll tell all their friends. It’s a win-win for everyone. I think you’ll find our neighborhood gym to be different from the big gyms as well as other small gyms.

~ Brian